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Join us along the path of

learning adventures below and discover what we're all about!

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2024 Adventures!





Location & Hours of operation:

17 N. Bowery Street in Grantsville, UT

Phone #: (435) 830-8373


Phone hours: 10:30-4:30, M-Th

(Please leave a message if no one is able to take your call.)

office OPen-3:30-5:30 M-Th

(please call to schedule an appointment before arriving.)





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living it is learning it

and loving it!

You're invited to come along on our

frugal family adventures 

as we explore

Northern Utah

and share experiences and short-cuts for educational experiences in our state 

and occassionally beyond!

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Edu-"play"-tional classes!
Choose which ones you want to attend . . .
Each class will culminate with an adventure or you can sign up for just the adventure.  Either way, you can join us for an "edu-play-tional" time!

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The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium!  I think it's about time for a return trip!

We'll be on the "right track" with a May field trip to the Golden Spike Historic site!  With historic locomotive re-enactments, train movies and a museum, what better place is there for an adventure?

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"Oh, the places we'll go!" - Dr. Seuss

Family tested and approved websites
  that explode the fun factor in  the Tips Menu!

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The end is near- but, the adventures can keep coming!

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year round for updates!



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The End

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This may be the end of the homepage
- but, not the end of the fun!

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